Scientific art

I enjoy spending a considerable amount of time making nice pictures of scientific things. In the gallery on the right I’ve put some examples of cool pictures and sketches!

  • Link to a short film entitled “The exciting world of excitons”. We produced this movie as part of a research communication laboratory at the museum of science.
  • Won third place for the EFRC poetry of science contest with my poem “Ode to the Chlorosome” which accompanies this scientific image (more details here):

Ode to the Chlorosomedrawing_svalleau_75dpi

Round, lamellar, cylindrical, round
The millions of chlorophyll molecules align
All together they move in a single line
To form large structures all around
Friendship is made
They will not trade
They know they stun
United they are an underwater sun
A ray of light above the heads
Generates an ocean of illuminated threads
We wait and wait to watch it glow
It will transfer energy for years to go

Some of my favorite software to make these sketches and graphs are